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Landscape Design

Landscape Design, Dover, FL Designing is the key factor for the beginning of a beautiful and lasting landscape.

I take designing very personally and put all my effort in working with homeowners to create unique and functional landscaping that will not only be beautiful but also meet the maintenance needs of my clients.

I have over 35 years in experience in not only being a designer but also a plant grower. I believe this hands-on experience gives me an advantage in knowing how plants work together in not only the sun and shade aspect but also in contrast and character.

A large percentage of designs today are generated by computers and lack a personal touch. I still create all my designs by hand. This I believe also connects me closer with the design and homeowners.

So many of my customers are so pleased to see their plans rolled out in front of them knowing that I have put my own pencil to paper and that they are receiving a "One of a Kind" design and not a computer-generated reprint.

Whether you are looking for a tropical landscaping, traditional, Asian, or a fusion of several I would forward to creating the garden you have dreamed of.

I genuinely enjoy creating hand-drawn designs and working with clients to create landscapes that give them joy when they look at them each day.

Professional Landscape Design with a Personal Touch

At Mac The Gardener, I understand that most homeowners have the goal of making their yard and outdoor areas stand out in their neighborhood. Our landscape design service has multiple parts. This includes initial consultation, planning, project construction, and many more steps in between. From a simple landscape design to a scenic outdoor lush green wonderland, we can deliver any results.

Some of the key design options you can choose from include:

  • Shrubbery
  • Placing exotic & unique trees
  • Water feature designing
  • Outdoor floral design
  • Hardscape placement
  • Lighting plan

Planning is important for many areas of landscaping, but it is imperative for landscape designing. I will work with you to deliver the results you desire.

Consultation & Design Process

I keep your personal preferences and needs and specific project requirements in focus during the consultation and design process. The design process and delivery capabilities focus on working in sync with you based on your schedule and availability. As I progress through the design process, you will find it to be collaborative and informative.

I and my team can work with any environment and condition to add beauty and function to your outdoors. Whatever aesthetic and functional needs you may have, I will help you make the best use of your outdoor living space with all the possible options. Your lifestyle is also an important factor in determining the right options. Florida native plants are an excellent complement to your outdoors. They can not only add charm but also have the stunning beacon effect of the local fauna.

We at Mac The Gardener specialize in Florida native and friendly landscape design solutions. Our landscaping services are offered throughout Dover, FL, and the surrounding areas in different counties. It is recommended to call us today at 813-695-1703 for more information about our services. We can also be reached via this Contact Us form. Leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Landscape Design
Barkett One Dimensional Design
Landscape Design
Barkett Front Elevation Design
Landscape Design
Patel rendering 1
Landscape Design
Patel rendering 2
Landscape Design
Saldana rendering
Landscape Design
Bayou Pass Rendering
Landscape Design
Bayou Pass Design
Landscape Design
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Landscape Design
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Landscape Design
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