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Southern Blooms Florida Plant Nursery

Our nursery started over 30 years ago when we wanted to provide plants that no one else was growing. So we decided to grow flowering tropical and exotic trees and shrubs. We specialize in Plumeria, Tabebuia and Crape Myrtle trees, Heliconias and Gingers.

Landscape Plants

Whether you are having a new landscape installed or upgrading an existing one, you would need good quality plants and trees that will be sustainable and last for several years with minimal maintenance. We at Mac The Gardener can supply and install all types of landscape plantings based on your specific requirement and the design and theme of your landscape. We have a large inventory of plants, trees, and shrubs in our nursery.

Types of Plantings

Since there are many plantings to choose from in our nursery, it is important to ensure that the ones you opt for, create a well-balanced look in the outdoor areas of your property. The different planting solutions we offer include:

  • Trees - You can choose from small, medium or large trees or even fruiting and flowering ones.
  • Perennials - These will be chosen based on how well they grow in the landscape or in containers. You can choose from ornamental grasses that grow well in sandy soil or clay soil as well.
  • Other Plantings - In addition, you can opt to get annuals, vines, groundcovers, roses, mums as well as spring bulbs installed.

Our team of professional and knowledgeable landscapers will point you in the right direction and ensure that you select the ideal types of plants and trees for your property.

Planting Installations - Our Work Process

Once you have chosen the plantings that you would like to feature in your landscape setting from our nursery, we can also plant them for you. When we are handling any type of planting design and installation projects, we follow an extremely specific method:

  • The team starts with a site visit; they will first survey the entire area.
  • The experts will have detailed discussions with you to understand your specific ideas and vision of the landscape.
  • We will also consider the types of existing plantings on your property before providing recommendations centered on your preferences.
  • Our team works very closely with you to make sure that you get the type of landscape that would add to the beauty of your overall property and provide you years of enjoyment.

Working with our skilled team means you get sound and objective advice during the initial planning phases. The plants and trees that are installed on the property should suit the local soil conditions. Aside from this, they need to resist pest infestations that are specific to your region.

Selecting the correct plants, shrubs, and trees for your landscaping will not only improve the aesthetics of your property but also help reduce the incidence of pest infestations. A well-planned and installed landscape can go long way in reducing your overall maintenance costs as well.

Talk to our Nursery staff today for all you need to know about selecting the perfect plantings for your landscapes today at Mac The Gardener on 813-695-1703.

Below are some pictures of our plants and trees.Our nursery is open by appointment only so please contact us if you would like to visit. Thank you.

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Our Nursery
Firebird Bloom
Our Nursery
Lobster Claw
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Sheba Bomeliad
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Aztec Gold
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California Sunset
Our Nursery
Candy Stripe
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Our Nursery
Confetti 2
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Cool Aid
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