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The right trees, shrubs, and flowers are the resources that help create beautiful softscapes. Flower gardens add touches of color to your landscape while trees provide privacy and shade and enhance the soil’s strength. Then there are shrubs that add a more enchanting layer of greenery. Shrubbery also provides ground cover and ties all the elements of the garden together. The way all these elements are mixed, gives the look, feel, and function to your landscape.

We at Mac The Gardener have mastered the art of mixing all these elements to create a custom ecosystem. The right choice of plants and placement can turn an ordinary landscape into a masterpiece that enhances curb appeal and becomes the envy of your guests.

Benefits of Professional Planting Services

There are many ways in which our professional planting services can enhance your landscape. Some of the most notable ways that our services make a difference to your property and lifestyle are as follows:

  • Tree Planting Adds Shade: The right choice of trees and well-positioned planting can help make your property cooler while also making your garden beautiful. The extra shade will allow you to spend more time outdoors in the summer. Additionally, it can also help lower your electricity bill by reducing the cooling requirements.
  • Enhanced Privacy: Trees and shrubs can also help add privacy. Depending on your needs, we can select native or Florida-friendly trees and shrubs of the right height and foliage to create natural barriers against prying eyes.
  • Spruce Up Your Landscape: Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers is nothing less than a form of art. Our professional prowess allows us to create a defining aura or atmosphere to your landscape. We know the species, the colors, and foliage composition that can add the right colors, charm, and grace to your garden. Your personal preferences and landscape will both determine the kind of tree and plants that we will plant.

Trees and plants improve your home’s curb appeal, enrich, and fortify the soil, and do much more. If you intend to enrich the nutrient content of the soil, we can plant leguminous trees near your gardens. These trees can especially benefit perennials.

Planning & Planting Flower Gardens

We can plan and set-up the perfect flower gardens to add color to your landscape. When done right, trees and plants can significantly increase your property’s value. Flowers, including Florida native and friendly gardens, come in a vast array of colors. We will assist you in choosing the flowers that perfectly match the colors you want to be highlighted.

There is another dimension to flowering plants – fragrance. A fragrant flower garden can add a unique touch to your landscape. Moonflower vine and similar flowers can add a tempting aroma to your outdoors. When mixing different fragrant plants, we will take care to place them sufficiently apart. We can also help you choose between annuals and perennials.

We have a portfolio of most of the native trees, plants, flowers, and perennials. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in horticulture can further guide you in the selection of the right plants.

If you want to create a stunning, beautiful, and functional outdoor space, it is important to choose the right plants and trees. Our clients call us for plant and tree planting when they have a new house or when they want to remodel their outdoor space. For more information about our services, feel free to call Mac The Gardener today at 813-695-1703. We are in Dover and offer our services throughout the western coast of Florida. You may also send us your detailed inquiry through this Online Form.

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When it comes to planting new trees to your landscape, we will want to know what you want to achieve. Well-planned and carefully selected trees can add a lot to a landscape or spot – from adding extra shade to enhancing the soil, they can do a lot. The primary purpose will help us determine the type of trees, the numbers, and their position on your landscape. For example, if you need extra shade, we can plant Bald Cypress, Florida Maple, Southern Live Oak, and Tabebuia, among others. We also have trees to increase privacy, enrich the soil, and beautify your property.

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